Cat Shelter & Dog Shelter

The cat and dogs shelter at Parasparam has an interesting, but painful background.A well-known foreign cultural institute in the capital city of Chennai , where Viji the founder trustee was employed, with its large compound, was home to several stray cats and their kittens, who were fed by the staff and students of the institute. When the management changed, it was decided that all the cats be banished from the institute despite pleas from students and staff, all feeding was forbidden, and as the starving and weakened cats cried for help, Viji became desperate for a solution and contacted multiple animal welfare organizations to hit upon Cattitude Trust. And as a logicalconclusion,Parasparam and Cattitude together decided to relocate and re-home the cats to the Aashram.

Over a period of days, in extremely trying circumstances, the cats who were unused to human handling, were rounded up and transported overnight by train to Aashram in batches, after getting the older ones neutered. Despite a few cats dying due to weakness and trauma during transit, after an initial upset of adjustment, the cats slowly settled in, and a few babies joined their numbers. Lovingly cared for by the children and staff of the Aashram, these beautiful creatures now live out their lives in peace, with the help of animal lovers who help with funding the feeding, medical care and maintenance of the cattery.

And now Parasparam is home to a number of rescued dogs as well. Parasparam, in future, would like to stand as an example for other institutions so that people and animals may come together to help each other. With Parasparam being most particular about preserving its secular nature, the girls have been taught to love the animals, and to take pride in caring for them. Eventually, the shelter bas become so lovely that visitors from around the world visit frequently to spend ages there.


Photo: Cat & Dog ShelterPhoto: Cat & Dog ShelterPhoto: Cat & Dog Shelter

Photo: Cat & Dog ShelterPhoto: Cat & Dog ShelterPhoto: Cat & Dog Shelter

Photo: Cat & Dog ShelterPhoto: Cat & Dog Shelter