Health & Medical

  • Parasparam is located 4 km towards Kodaikanal from the city vathalakundu.
  • From the day Parasaram started, the well maintained first aid box is kept, which supports the children in many ways.
  • Each place in Parasaram is maintained in hygienic way.
  • Physical illness of children in Parasparam it treated by
    1. Vathalakundu Government Hospital.
    2.  Leonard Hospital (Giant Hospital).
    3. Ram Leela Hospital (Dr. Shanthi).
    4. Punitha clinic (Dr. Prabhakar).
    5. T M S Hospital (Dr. Satheesh).
  • Parasparam is concerned about the physical health of children in a conscience way.
  • The logging water is used for gardening in a proper way to avoid diseases like Dengue and Malaria.
  • The 2.5 acre land, used by children is always maintained in a hygienic way.


Image of Waste Water Treatmentsweeping the solid waste
water plantRO water plant