Photo of Land belongs to Parasparam Trust

  • The Parasparam trust is governed in the place which belongs to Kaithan Sathya Trust.
  • This land was 6 acre. But due to some bad humans grabbing now Parasparam has 2.5 acre of land only. The remaining 3.5 acre of land is occupied by some other bad humans.
  • The past 20 years from 1993, Parasparam is governed in this land. It bought for continuous lease of 2.5 acre land and 10 buildings was constructed and governed by Parasparam.
  • The Kaithan trust was managed by Ottanchathiram Dr. Tharian and now the managing committee’s are Dr. Guruvilla Vargea, Gandhigramam Dr. Pangajam, Dr. Kousalya Devi, Chanthirapatti   Mr. Vannikalai  sir and many.