Parasparam Trust

20 Years Consolidated Report

1993 – 2013

Before entering….

Parasparam was started on 2nd of June 1993 as Non – formal institute for the female children below poverty line who lost their father or mother by Mr. & Mrs. Augustine.

It was step by step developed as an organized institute on 4th February 1997 headed and got registered by Mrs. Vijayalakshmi (Our mother). Mr. Augustine and other kind hearted person support, it was maintained. All of the sudden, unfortunately we lost our dear mother Mrs.Vijayalakshmi on 26th of July 2007.

Later it was managed by our mother’s brother Mr & Mrs. R. Jayaprakash and trustees. They supported and motivated us in different angle and with the help of kind hearted person like you developed the institute. Parasparam faced so many difficulties in the beginning and solved the issues, brought up the children and supported them to be independent.

Unique features:

  • A truthful institute.
  • Protecting the children more than a middle class family, respecting their thoughts and ideas and helping them to develop their personality.
  • The daily activities of the children is systematically divided into different categories like education, prayer, cleanliness, sports, etc.
  • Healthy and best food menu, specially for children.
  • Graduation and vocational education to all children.
  • In turns, 2 months once, grownup children of Parasparam take responsibility to administer whole Parasparam.
  • Every years auditing is done by auditor Mr. Ramachandran. Because of his poor health condition, it is being done by auditor Mr. Surya Narayanan from our sir’s home town Coimbatore and submitted through him to the central government Home Minister department.
  • 2001 -2002 Tally accounting software was installed and accounts are maintained and perfect account statement is submitted, to till date.
  • A best first aid box is kept.
  • A well set library.
  • 51 files and 15 registered are being maintained.
  • Permanent FCRA registered number.
  • The leased land of Parasparam, belongs to Kaithan Sathya Trust and the agreement is renewed for every 10, 10 years. Hereafter, for every 5,10 will be renewed.
  • For the children urgency Maruti omni was bought and used later in the year 2010 Genman Consulate of Chennai donated a TATA SUMO.
  • To respect all the creatures, a home for dogs and cats was developed with the help of Cattitude Trust Mrs. Devika of Chennai. With the support and help from serving hearts cats home is maintained in a wonderful way and at present there are 34 cats and 9 dogs being sheltered.


  • At present there are 22 girl children.
  • Most children here were given training in areas like screen printing, tailoring, type writing and computer. But at present, due to commercial competition, only computer training is given.
  • Physically challenged children, have developed themselves in maintaining total administration of the concern.
  • Our mother Mrs. Vijayalakshmi has taken many steps to get the records about this land and legal documents, which belongs to Kaithan Sathya Trust.

Important Activities:


  • Kakeshwari 16 years brought up by Parasparam and our mother, Mrs. Vijayalakshmi took many steps for her marriage when she was alive. As per her dream Kameshwari got married on 28.10.2012 in Parasparam, in a grand manner with help and blessing from the great hearts. The groom Mr. Suthagar also takes a good care of her.
  • 19 children went out after their education, 17 children went in between due to various reason and now 22 children and 4 workers are here.
  • Children in Parasparam celebrate their birthdays with a cake, which makes them very happy.


  • Mr. Subha. Marimuthu and their group helps children during evening and in holidays by taking tuituion.
  • In the beginning Mr. Rajamani took music class for the children and gave practice for the pronunciation of Tamil special letter ‘zha’.
  • Now the children are servicing in schools, beauty parlor, tailoring, and fashion designing course, auditing and medicine.
  • Perumaye and Kameshwari wrote the 8th and 12th exam without going to the school.
  • The children who completed their 10th and 12th are getting registered in employment exchange.
  • Parasparam gives importance to the child’s education. As a result, in 2010, 10th exam, 4 children got above 400 marks out of 500. They at got good marks in 12th and went for higher education. In that, Selvi is doing her B.E Civil Engineering first year in Coimbatore Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Technology and, Karthiga is doing her B.Sc Physics first year inPeriyakulam, Anna Bagyam college, Ranjitham is doing her Teacher Training Course in Usilampatti T S C and Sangeetha Priya is doing DMLT in Madurai Medical College.


  • Children during evenings are playing many games.
  • This created an interest to Nandhini of 7th, to participate in Carrom District level competition and got First place.


  • Children are been to medical camp in various place to check their health.

Agriculture and veterinary:

  • Due to high tariff in EB bore well is not being used for house gardening. The help made by Mr. Marimuthu made it happen for fruits tree.
  • In April 2003, with the help from Mrs. Skibura Glymax and Sanraa, Drip water irrigation was started.

National functions and festivals:

  • Every year National festivals Republic Day and Independence Day, other festivals like Christmas, New Year, Pongal, Diwali, Vinayakar Chathurthi and Saraswathi Pooja are celebrated in a grand manner with the help from kind hearted person.

Vocational education: (Screen Printing and Computer)

  • In the year 1997, Chennai Mrs. Rama Natarajan took a class for the children to prepare face powder, tooth powder, soap, cleaning powder and pickles making.
  • In 1997 Parasparam started a computer DTP center in Vaththalakundu. The amount earned from that and in screen printing was used to build a building for Parasparam.
  • Due to the competition from same business people, the business become dull and computer was brought back to Parasparam.


  • Children was taken to many places for excursion like Thekkadi, Vaikai Dam, Aliyar Dam, Masaniamman Temple, Kodaikanal, Madurai Adisayam, Places in Chennai, Melmaruvathoor, Places around Trichy and places around Kaniyakumari, with the help from kind hearted person.

New building and maintenance:

  • In 1993 it was a small hostel for Parasparam, but now, a care taker house, office, guest house, multipurpose house, new bathrooms for children, dogs archive, cats archive and a Baba temple was built.


  • In 1999 July, the children with their self interest worked in various houses and shops, and donated that money Kargil funds to government.
  • Perumayi and Kameshwari deposited their earning in savings bank account and from that Perumayi gifted a van to her brother and Kameshwari used that amount to get jeweler for her marriage.
  • House hold article for Parasparam like TV, Refrigerator, Grinder, Gas stove, Water heater, Mixie, etc was bought with the help of many kind hearted person.
  • Notebooks and dresses for children was being donated by kind hearted person.
  • “Porulathara Thanthai” Mr. Thangavel and Parasparam jointly conducted 3 ENT camps with Dr. Mohan Kameshwaran from Chennai. Most people from surrounding village benefitted from that.
  • All the festivals are celebrated by children in Parasparam with new dresses and food distributed by the people around Parasparam.
  • To develop the knowledge of the children, news pares and daily magazines are donated to Parasparam, which is a good help to us.
  • Yoga is taught to the children and being practiced by them daily morning.
  • Sany plant Solar panels was donated by Mr. Glymans and Sanraa of Germany.
  • We get donation during kind hearted persons birthdays, wedding days and Memorial Day like food, rice, dhal, etc. It is a great help to Parasparam.


We tribute a great honor to the people all who help the Parasparam trust material, finance and thoughts and we anticipate the similar helps in upcoming years for the Parasparam steps forward.