Solar System

  • Parasparam started using solar panel to generate electricity from the sun rays from 7th April 2003.
  • Mr. Savior Augustine’s cousin Mr. Glymunse donated this.
  • Due to this, there is continuous electricity supply for Parasparam, the stage in which Tamil Nadu is facing demand for electricity.
  • The supply from this solar panel is 450 watts, which helps 4 hours continuous electric supply.
  • This panel is placed in the terrace of guest room, the inverted and the battery is kept in the office.
  • The children’s hostel is fully benefitted due to this. The LED and CA lamps in the campus are working with help of this.
  • Truly speaking, this is the big godsend for the children in the Parasparam.
  • After 5 years the battery was changed by the same person who donated it.
  • The old battery is used as regular EB inverted.


Solar Panel PhotoSolar Battery Charger