Extra Curricular

  • As curricular, extra-curricular is also given equal importance in Parasparam.
  • Based on that children take part in events like
    1. Games
    2. Science inventions
    3. Handmade products
    4. Painting
    5. Gardening
    6. Cultural programs
  • Children have proved themselves in certain areas.
  • M.Nandhini, who lost her parents and came from pathetic family situation, is doing her VIII standard. She participated in Carom competition and got First place in zonal and district level and third place in state level. She’s putting her effort to get First place in state level and go for National level Carom competition. Still now she got so many certificate and shields.
  • Children here shows their interest towards Carom, Chess, Chinese Checkers, Tennikoit , Kho-kho, etc.

Science Inventions:

  • With the support and help from the teachers, students conducted Science inventions and Science exhibition. They also participated in, 2013 National Science Conference with a Science project and won state level prizes. Children also participated in state level competition conducted by Suri Engineering College, Tiruppur. Dated:7, 8 an 9 of December 2013.


  • Children show their interest in innovating their ideas through hand made products.


  • The children show much interest in art. Parasparam is planning to bring out their hidden talents of children in a regulatory way.


  • The 2.5 acre land and trees in that is well planned and maintained. Children show much interest in this.

Cultural programs:

  • Annual day and other functions are celebrated with children cultural programs which will be more colourful.
  • In planning and conducting the program, the children put their full effort to bring out that program in a successful way

Student with medalsChildren PlayingPlaying Carrom

Playing FootballPhpto-Playing GamePhoto-Playing Game

Photo-Playing GamePhoto-Learning MusicPhoto-Drawing Competition

Photo KnittingScience ExhibitionPhoto - Speech Competition

Photo - Yoga TrainingPhoto - culturalsPhoto - culturals

Photo - culturalsPhoto - culturalsPhoto - culturals

Photo - culturalsPhoto - culturalsPhoto - culturals

Photo - culturalsPhoto - culturalsPhoto - culturals

Photo - culturalsPhoto - culturals