Children’s Management Committee

Since Parasparam is a growing company and the administration responsibility is also given to the children itself. The 24 children(this year), were divided into 4 groups and each group has a headed by a person in charge.

Photo of Children Committee

The person in charges for this year are:

  • ‘Kurunji’ group person in charge – S.Kavya of XI B
  • ‘Mullai’ group person in charge – Kousalya of XI B
  • ‘Marudham’ group person in charge – Soumya of XII A
  • ‘Neidhal’ group person in charge  – Mani Megalai of X A

The daily proceeding is administered by these people in charge. Monthly gathering is conducted and discussion for each difficulty is analyzed.


  •   It helps the children to develop their personality.
  •   It helps to develop their leadership quality.
  •   Rotation based leadership helps each one to take part as an administrated.
  •   It helps the children to solve their problem by themselves.
  •   Do’s and Don’ts of all things are consider and then decision is taken.